Sunday, November 4, 2007

the last FT of the sem.. and ARTS's in charge! :)

hey people.. it's week 12. hang in there! :) God's faithfulness doesn't depend on the time of the sem. it's always superabundant and overflowing. thank God for tt!

Arts is going to be raising funds for cambodia/mongolia min after the upcoming FT. your cgls would have told u guys abt it(hopefully haha..) and each cg's going to be contributing some culinary delicacy to be sold to raise funds tt tues. so work with yr dear cgls yupp yup (=

so yeah let's all be down to support this effort ya?

jus a lil reminder, ANNTIC sign up closes on the daY of FT. SO, do seriously pray about signing up and gg for this camp, the speaker's awesome, the accomodations are comfy, the food's good (i've heard) and God will be there!

what excuse do you have??? heh, so go visit the anntic blog for more details and for the signup form

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Campus Summit and VCF Mambo Night

Campus Summit

Date: 6 Nov, Tues
Time: 6pm

Venue: Engin Bridge

Instead of the usual sunset prayer, we have invited Crusades and Navigators down to pray with us. Come down to hear what God is doing via the other campus ministries and lets pray together with them.

VCF Mambo night

Date: 7 Nov, Wed
Time: 7pm
Venue: YIH Function Room THREE (three, not one!)

Open to all subcomm members n those interested! Leadership renewal. Please come prepared to contribute with ideas on what you job scope is and um...come prepared to boogey as well

Friday, November 2, 2007

hey arts peeps!

a challenge from SCIENCE fac for captain's ball!!!! haaa.... shall we take up the challenge? read on ....i've forwarded the mail from si en, the sciene chair..haa

= flo

Guess what?

After the games day of last semester (last academic year) when Science suffered an ignomious defeat at the hands of the merciless Law People (Legal Eagles if i remember correctly) and salved our wounded pride by drawing with Engine Guys + some girls :P (apologies to the some girls, i forgot who)...

After spending one whole holiday and nearly one whole semester (6/7 of it if you want to be precise) brooding over that and calculating the odds of winning the whole of CF and the odds of being able to study while considering such odds... we have decided that we can no longer take the tortional strain of such an unnatural mental position and decided that Science WILL challenge the whole of CF (other than that sorry portion of CF in council session on wed) to Captain's Ball and Frisbee on WED! And in getting our 3 mathematicians who have calculated the odds and prophesized a great trashing for all as well as our Computing people who have devised diabolic plans to tip the balance by writing incomprehensible codes to all but themselves, Science can guarantee that everyone else will be utterly befuddled and incapable of scoring! Non-Science people (that doesn't include med and engine since we're all sciency), we hereby challenge you to a rousing game of Frisbee/Captain's Ball and suggest (please note that it's suggest! just in case the LE want to quibble about the legal nicities of that and dont' you even dream of suing me for defamation, i haven't a penny to my name)that unless you want to chicken out and go to council (i am so going to die for writing this line) head down to the SRC Field at 7.30pm and face the might of Science! We're very nice people, so we won't rub your nose into the trashing but let's all be friends! After Science trashes everyone of course. So come one and come all!

Abandon your books and the cold comforts of the library, hall rooms and whatever nefarious place you lurk in to study and go for games day on Wed! And remember to petition God for good weather! :) Till We (not me sadly, since i have to go for council) clash on the field, take care and God bless!

Yours peaceably,
si en

On behalf of Science

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Healthserve VIsit by the Social Action Comm

hi cfers!

In view of all the outreach opportunities that have been shared recently in CF, the Social Action Committee would like to extend another option for your Fac/hall members to
consider in the coming weeks. Basically, we will be going to visit Healthserve,
a Chrisitan NGO that provides free medical healthcare services to the foreign workers
in the area of Geylang.

The trip will be more of an experiential trip for one to realise the work of Christian NGOs even in our country and seeing the need for supporting them. In addition, we will also be given a short orientation of the area and get to know the workers there. It will be definitely an experience that will open the eyes of your members to the diverse range of foreign workers we may not know of in our midst. Yet, it will also reveal to many who go about the various issues that face these workers.

The details of the visit are as follows:

Visit to Healthserve

Date: 25 Oct 2007,

Meeting place: Aljunied MRT Control Station
Time: 630pm

Friday, October 5, 2007

World Students Day 20 Oct (mark it down!)

World Students Day

Date: 20 Oct, Saturday

Time: 10am to 1pm,

FREE international lunch provided
Venue: Grace Singapore Chinese Christian Church; 14 Queen Street, Singapore 188536 (near City Hall/Bugis MRTs)

An inter-CF event where students from different campuses gather to learn about and pray for student ministries around the world! Come and intercede for other students in other nations of the world :)

Theme: "Think Globally, Act Locally"

Keynote speaker: Miss Kuzipah, former General Secretary of Zambia Fellowship of Evangelical Students

Programme: Praise and Worship, Theme Talk/Keynote address, Intercampus Interaction, Guests' sharing Guests include staffworkers from the region, Dr. Bobby Sng , Mr. Tan Tee Khoon (FES General Secretary), Small Group prayer

come down with yr cgs!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

CSCA Annual Lecture Series 2007 coming up this week :)

Heads up for stuff going on this week..

CSCA Annual Lecture Series 2007 Church and Mission in the New Asia: New Gods, New Identities

Date: 10-12 Oct (wed-fri)

Time: 8pm

Venue: MPH Level 1, Trinity Theological College

Many parts of Asia are being rapidly transformed by new technologies, unequal wealth creation and the emergence of religious radicalism. Individual lives and whole societies are being re-configured around new gods and identities. What does following Jesus as Lord mean in such changing contexts? If Christian witness is to be truly Christian, and not a bearer of false gods, our pragmatism and activism need to be shaped by prophetic discernment and godly wisdom

Talk 1: The Postcolonial: Unlearning Colonial Mission
Talk 2: The Postmodern: Shopping for Identities
Talk 3: The Posthuman: Technology as Salvation

Speaker: Dr Vinoth Ramachandra, the secretary for dialogue and social engagement for IFES. He has written several books: Gods that fail: modern idolatry and Christian mission (1996), Faiths in conflict?: Christian integrity in a multicultural world (1999) and The message of mission: the glory of Christ in all time and space (2003)

CVCF Talk on Evolution vs Creation

A talk organised by the Chinese VCF :) feel free to invite your chinese friends down to it!

1. Invitation for the Gong1 Kai1 Jiang3 Zuo4 - Evolution vs Creation
Date: 11 Oct (Thurs)
Time: 6.30pm
Venue: YIH function room 1